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Desert Records: Letter to ABQ Green Room

Dear ABQ Green Room, 

New Mexico's favorite record label, Desert Records, has been cooking up some killer projects at the HQ in Albuquerque. There is a lot of news to share. Sit back, relax, and let's check out the music news. 

Women of Doom is the big news! Women of Doom is a project collaboration with Blues Funeral Recordings that highlights and celebrates the contributions by women in the heavy music underground.  This album features brand new and exclusive songs by artists such as Rebecca, Sarah, and Kim from (formerly Subrosa), Mlny from Royal Thunder, and Doomstress Alexis.  

This album has created a buzz in the underground Doom community, with many talented artists coming together to help create a the most exciting record we've seen in a long time.   

Women of Doom is set to be released in March 2020. 

"The Land of Enstrangement."  2019 was a busy year for the label on the local front.  This compilation series was launched in January with Vol. 1, the "red" album.  

This series showcases 22 bands on each compilation from New Mexico, loosely under the umbrella of "rock."  These bands cover a ton of ground from alternative rock, to punk, to stoner rock, to death metal and everything in between.  

The "green" album, Vol 2, was released in the late summer.  Following the same concept as the "red" album, features 22 different bands from New Mexico.  Some of the bands include Prism Bitch, Tenderizor, and Amped Owl Drive.

These are companion albums; beautiful double disc CD's are that are now available from the bands' directly and on Desert Records Bandcamp site.  Support local music! 

New Releases

"Blud" by Nebula Drag was released on Sept. 27th.  The Psychedelic Metal trio from San Diego played their album release show in Albuquerque in September at Sister Bar.  "Blud" has been a successful release with the album making #13 on the Doom Charts.  "Blud" is available on Vinyl LP and CD.  

New Artist Signings

The GRAL Brothers has just signed to Desert Records.  The duo of Greg Williams and Alex McMahon make music that is a soundtrack to living in the New Mexico high desert.  Psychedelic, weird, unpredictable, yet highly creative and honest.  No two live performances are ever the same.  Sometimes they'll make up a song on the spot.  Sometimes they will perform a live score to a movie.  These guys are not only extremely talented musicians, but they dare to push themselves into a musical territory where most bands would tremble.

Coming Soon

Red Mesa is writing a new album. The Psychedelic Desert Rock band is working on their third full-length album set to be recorded at Empty House Studio in Albuquerque this winter.  With the addition of new bass player, Alex Cantwell, the band is busy writing a concept record about "death and beyond."  This will be Red Mesa's heaviest album yet, a follow up to "The Devil and The Desert."  

Desert Records has had tremendous support from local fans and bands in our first year.  I want to say thank you to everyone who has played shows, come out to shows, bought merch, shared news, and helped grow this rock 'n' roll community here in Albuquerque and around New Mexico.  Keep going to shows and supporting small businesses! Bradley Frye

Owner/Operator Desert Records  Albuquerque, NM

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