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Exclusive Music Video Stream: Let Me Be by Train Conductor

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


ABQGR is proud to present an exclusive listen to Train Conductor's latest darkwave single, “Let Me Be.” The track will be available to stream on services tomorrow, March 25, 2022.

The dark-toned '70s color scheme of this music video unfurls a malleable landscape, which mirrors the malleability of "Let Me Be" as a song.

"Let Me Be" is a hypnotic dance track that devolves into a dark repetitive pattern. The bright beginning to this five minute song will quickly get your body moving and then hold it captive.

The tension of this song lies in it's claim to freedom. There doesn't seem to be a plan for climax here; rather an exploration of psychedelia. At some point, the track has a chokehold on you, but you can't pinpoint how or when it happened.

"The idea for this release was to focus on a single and not have the distraction of other tracks on the record. I usually think about all tracks on a record at once to ensure continuity. But for this release, the sole focus was 'Let Me Be' and supporting content, including a music video directed by Arturo Baston," Byrne explained. "Based in Barcelona, Arturo has worked with other artists such as Timothy Eerie and A Place to Bury Strangers."

"In addition to the single and music video, a 3D NFT and new remix are in the works for the coming weeks. I have been experimenting with electronic compositions for some time but have not been able to get out of the garage rock rut. This release deviates from the norm and represents something new and exciting for me," Byrne said.

The band will be performing April 30th at the Guild Cinema for an audio-visual experience with Darsombra, on tour from Baltimore.

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10 de jan.

Train Conductor's 'Let Me Be' music video is an exclusive gem that captivates the essence of their musical artistry. The visual narrative, coupled with the song's emotive lyrics and soulful melodies, takes audiences on a compelling journey. With stunning cinematography and a rich, evocative sound, this music video is a testament to Train Conductor's talent and their ability to craft an immersive and memorable musical experience. A must-watch for music enthusiasts seeking soul-stirring compositions and visual storytelling at its finest. I recommend increasing the popularity of your music by buying 1k spotify targeted plays:

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