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Monthly Listening: January 2021

ABQGR has some very mellow tunes for you all as the first month of 2021 comes to an end. Many of us are feeling the effects of unrelenting chaos—diving into music might be a welcome and productive distraction. This repertoire includes hopeful love songs, songs for the scorned, and some particularly hypnotic experimental beats. We hope you'll take a chance, try something new, and follow the links to the music!

Jan. 2021

This indie pop group's debut album is vibrant and delightful. They’ve cooked up fun figurations of words and melody, from rubbery guitar rhythms to their attention-grabbing band name and playful song titles—like “Stray Dog” and “Porn Star Love." “Leaving the Party” is notable for me; every moment of the song is meant to pop. Bubblegum Love Crush sound like The Fratellis and Harvey Danger. They buzz with amusement and happiness, even if they're singing that they're "ridden with fleas." This album is a great escape.


Dec. 2020

The latest single from this folk rock duo sounds cheery and optimistic while lyrically conveying some of life’s murky complexions. In a movie, "The Water" would be playing before a main character takes steps to turn their life around—it is friendly, though it stirs hints of sadness and realism in the genuine way of twangy goodness. This is one song that gets better every time I listen to it.

The Meanderings.

Jan. 2021

This single travels to the doomy depths of electronic music. The track captivates with Jessie Deluxe’s haunting vocals over Amaya Shiva's dominating drums. Its mesmerizing drone inspires destruction and reaches the sort of darkness that makes devastation desirable.

Sept. 2020

What Business School achieves here is a refreshing recipe for bedroom pop. The album hits all the right spots, like cavernous reverb and lax vocals, and has its own unique, romantic surf feel. If you’re a mood listener and need something to chill you out, Sunk in the Tide is for you. A notable track, “Get You,” features stand out guitar work, making it a personal favorite for me. Songs like these fit perfectly into the social media culture and aesthetic of today—there are probably people out there who could go viral by pairing "Forever" with video clips of their succulents.

Jan. 2021

This sweet-as-hell single is a must listen. The Talking Hours succeed in their technical capabilities as a duo but with this acoustic track we really understand how they are so airtight. “Our Song” is a sublime love song that will just make you happy.

6) Mahri the Light (Charlie Gallagher) – “Through the Dark”

June 2020

Primarily an experimental endeavor, this song is only on YouTube as a test by the recording artist. Features of the song include: soundbites from seagulls; distorted voice; a rhythm that trips and stumbles; rap saturated in pain, despite sounding so bored. Work like this is important because it can introduce a whole new type of musical theme or sound that could potentially be enjoyed by many creators. "Through the Dark" is homegrown and tells a story.

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