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Monthly Listening: March 2021

There is a lot to say about this monthly batch of music. First and foremost, these seven features are rhythm-driven, bright, and fun. From thrash metal to country to a few I'd consider jazz-inspired pop, this is (as always) an eclectic bunch and each seem to compliment one another. I hope you'll scroll through - I think there's something great here for everybody.

In case you missed it: Jolynn Alarid has partnered with Albuquerque Green Room to create a buff ABQ music playlist. Check it out on Spotify HERE. Spring's officially in full force and it's time to invigorate your music rotation!

This debut single from local singer-songwriter Jolynn Alarid would make feel-good music feel good. I truly appreciate Alarid's dedication to creating her own charming and cozy atmosphere; the opening piano is a lovely tone-setter and the song continues to meander in the way jazz-pop icons like Michael Bublé or Colbie Caillat would. This warm track, along with the fact that Alarid advocates for the community of artists around her at full volume, shows great character of this budding artist.

The month began with the release of Sidney Abernathy's first full length album. No Return Address is straightforward garage country that excels in songwriting. The music of the lyrics alone is reason enough to give this album a listen, but the easy rhythms and comfortable melodies make for a great trip. Abernathy's distinct voice is also pretty cool - her faux Southern drawl is delightfully campy and exactly what I want out of a country album.

3) The Sparkle and Fade - "Not the Enemy"

This Connecticut band kicks ass. I was immediately captured by the song's opening drum feature. This, along with the following seizing guitar riff, provides a beautiful setup for the incoming synth. The Sparkle and Fade contain one of my favorite kinds of rock vocals - much like a prospective Hayley Williams of Paramore. I'd love to get this band on the road so I can hear what they have going on in a live setting.

4) Lacerator - "Electric Fix"

First of all, have to say this, I love this band's look. If you ask me, you can never go wrong with the straightforward punk/hard rock image - it's a funny sort of solid foundation. This pandemic-born thrash metal band is fun as hell, and they're just getting started. Each element of the project is strong, and "Electric Fix" is sure to get your adrenaline racing.

This debut single from Josh T. Romero's brand new solo project is a stunner for sure. This song is where doom meets black metal in melodic union. Wonderful vocals - great dynamics and harmonies. This complex-sounding composition is executed smoothly. Romero has an album to be released in April, and this track is a strong indicator of a fantastic EP.

6) The Meanderings - "Ever Known"

This latest single from indie folk duo The Meanderings is my favorite to date. With jaunty keys and intricate incorporation of lyrics, "Ever Known" is pretty reminiscent of Randy Newman (who is probably one of the most delightful songwriters to exist). Connor Morrison's voice has a gorgeous decadence to it, including nice falsetto moments. Each part of the song feels strong when you imagine it isolated, too.

Indie pop, contemporary jazz fusion, bedroom pop - that's Scorpio Szn. With their latest single, released on 3/26, they've solidified their artist identity. There are some interesting production choices with the smooth saxophone, group vocals in the chorus, and (what I believe are) synthetic drums. "Sugar Sugar" is definitely on-the-nose flirty, but I've got to hand it to Scorpio Szn - this is one catchy tune.

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