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Monthly Listening: May 2021

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

By Albuquerque Green Room

How many shows did you go to this month? Outdoor shows at cafes, parks, and the like started trickling in early this spring, but now it is official - Launchpad is at it, Moonlight Lounge is at it, and so is InsideOut. Our calendars are filling up fast here at ABQGR and we couldn't be happier.

We've just got five selections for you this month; three ABQ locals and two from the East Coast. As usual, there's some tried and true Southwestern metal, a little acoustic action, and this time we have a pretty great electronic track.

1) "Traitor" by Seven Days Rest

Being able to stumble on a band like alt metal Seven Days Rest is the reason I love doing what I do. What a powerful reminder of the unlimited artistry we have in Albuquerque. The song begins in a slow creep that welcomes a solid opening riff. Shay Raelynn provides some of the most powerful vocals I've heard - straight from the gut. The most authentic way I can review this is telling you my thoughts as they came to me while listening: "Oh my god...holy shit...oh my god...holy shit...holy shit..." This single packs a punch and is reason enough to keep some tabs on this band.

2) "Saturdaze" by The S.O.N.

The track title doesn't lie; Saturday and daze/haze meld together to create a new meaning. "I'm in a Satur-daze with you," are the lyrics turn in the standard bedroom pop song. I like this song because it is in the moment and represents the time in your life when there's no such thing as tomorrow. While it lacks perspective, it's intensely present. It is the perfect lazy-summer-day song.

3) The Fragile Construct by Crown & Casket

This debut album from Crown & Casket is punk in the same vein of Alkaline Trio and Green Day. I'm hearing some grunge influence as well. I like the snappy bass in "The Fields." My favorite track might be "Molotov Nights," which is a chirpy song of destruction. All in all, this is a killer album, but we should expect nothing less from a band like this. It's a supergroup of dudes who know what the hell they're doing, just like bassist Eric Garay's other band, Alter Apex.

4) "The Line It Takes" by The City View

Now, here is a gorgeous synthpop track spun by New Hampshire group The City View. This little tune challenges our linear narrative; a line may travel from point A to B (or B to A, as these song lyrics point out), but that's not truly how we experience life, especially when it comes to dealing with loss, grief, or remorse. This song is worth the listen, especially if you're not familiar with the genre.

5) "Young and Fuckable" by Lu Carter

In this song about, in the artist's words, "finding validation within male approval and feeling imprisoned by the male gaze." Lu Carter hangs on syllables, contorting the words so much that it challenges our standard perceptions of the meanings. "Don't wanna be young and fuckable" she eventually sings, though the song is a battle leading up to that sentiment, though much of the rest of the song shows quite the contrary. This video was a submission for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

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