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Photo Gallery and Review: Ancora Cafe & Bakery 3-26-21

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Photos by @shirtshooter

Ancora Cafe & Bakery has been curating shows for their patio. The space, which is safe, sober, and mask mandated, hosted Micah Thunder, Dot Com Job, Crushed!?, and Nautilus Moon on Friday the 26th. Slide through the photo galleries below to get a feel for the night.

The weather leant itself to the evening, starting while the sun could still warm everyone. There was a minor shower as darkness fell, but musicians and equipment remained intact.

The show began with singer-songwriter Micah Thunder. His one-man set exhibited great storytelling skills as well as strong vocals. He was able to set the mood for an eclectic night to come, and created a very good relationship with the audience.

It was Dot Com Job's debut show, which definitely rocked. It was a joy to watch drummer Keila Suazo - who just picked up her instrument last summer - move with the moment and have fun. Elena Moya's sweet, deep voice contrasted with the buoyant feel of the rest of the band, which worked to their benefit. The band drew quite a few people for their momentous occasion, and the crowd was totally into it.

Next was a band so loud that I wore earplugs for the first time in over a year. Despite how long it's been since their last show, Crushed!? brought all of their essential Crushed!? elements. The band were together, sharp, and cataclysmic. They unleashed new songs from the album they released early February - they seem to be getting scarily powerful with how adept they are on their instruments. And they gave us plenty of sick action shots.

To close the night, Nautilus Moon played a duo guitar set with some harmonica and conversational vocals. Their blues roots devotion, which included covering some classics, was sort of a breath of fresh air. The convergence of all of these genres this night was a great reminder that live music will soon be everywhere again, and that is a comforting thought.

It was an uplifting evening.

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