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Video Premiere: “Museum of Science” by The City View

By August Edwards

ABQGR is thrilled to premiere the “Museum of Science” music video by electronic pop project The City View. This video from New Hampshire resident Ian Anderson is a prismatic sweep of autonomy and self-examination.

“Museum of Science” is off Rain for the Ready, The City View's album released in June of this year. The music video is directed by Ryan J. Burnham and Ian Anderson.

The track begins with resonant synthesizers and snakes along a lustrous path, employing more musical voices along the way. The City View has cultivated a garden of emotion-dense gestures—the ones I pick up on the most are desperation and curiosity. Imagining the harmonized vocals isolated, or taking in each instrumental element alone, the tone might feel robotic or sterile—such is the effect of electronic instruments. This is also the magic trick of electronic pop; you can layer them to create sound coming at you like supernatural sheets of rain.

The visual element for “Museum of Science” materialized because, for Anderson, it was the most visceral song on the 11 track album. One goal of The City View is to create a “driving at night” vibe with the music. This track delivers that, and the music video paints some of the forbidden visions we may conjure during a solitary drive.

Anderson says that “Museum of Science” is about “seeing the truth in situations either in the moment, or after a situation has passed or evolved. I’m a believer in reflecting on the past in healthy ways to navigate the present and future.” This is all complicated by the contradicting (“Follow me / Don’t follow me”) and morose lyrics: “Is this something you really feel? / Maybe I’m just too fucked up to see lately / I think I let the wrong molds shape me / If it’s too late then don’t even save me.”

Anderson’s lyrics exhibit a compulsion that is familiar to most if not all of us. “Museum of Science,” true to The City View’s intentions, offers listeners the opportunity to interact with the background notions inside of us. This could be in the same vein of typical museum-going experiences; the direction we take within museum walls is our prerogative alone, and we let the exhibits affect us to our desired degree.

Anderson explains that Rain for the Ready focuses on the management of time and emotions through imagined scenarios. This demonstrates the pivotal role conceptualism plays in conjunction with tight, well-crafted songs.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the music video for "Museum of Science." You can find The City View on Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter.

This video contains flashing lights and imagery.

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