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Video Premiere: "Skin" by starsdontmeananything

By Albuquerque Green Room

ABQGR is proud to premiere the music video for "Skin" from starsdontmeananything.

starsdontmeananything is the solo endeavor of Adam Smith. The project, which is hardcore, post rock, a bit doomy, and contains almost shriek-like vocals, has been a vulnerable process for Smith.

"This whole project was a way for me to really process a lot of trauma and emotional baggage I was and still am carrying," Smith said. "‘Skin’ came from frustration, betrayal, and disgust with being exploited sexually. It took me too long to realize that allowing myself to be that ‘thing’ for some people wouldn’t help me feel secure, safe, or comfortable in those relationships.”

Smith is someone who's proven himself vital to the Albuquerque DIY ecosystem and has striven to bring local music beyond city limits. His individual pursuit of self-actualization and fulfillment through music remains something to emulate.

The video below contains lewd and suggestive imagery.

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